Saturday, November 29, 2008

Conflict of Interest... I Guess

I thought I'd write a quick note and let you all know why there are no more buttons offered on this blog—or pass onto you what was passed onto me.

Apparently, Summit Entertainment sent a letter to the team and threatened legal action against them if the buttons we not removed. Now, I don't know if this was just my stuff or Twilight stuff in general. I tried contacting zazzle, but all I got from them was an email saying that they were threatened with legal action due to copyright infringement from Summit and Stephenie Meyer, so they removed my buttons. I have not heard back from Summit Entertainment, and doubt that I will.

I still support Team SM, and I am still planning on distributing where I can. Just thought you ought to know what the deal was.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Movie Rocks!!

This highly anticipated film was Great!! I am happy for Twilight fans around the world because we made Twilight a huge boxoffice success! Now they are going to film the sequel, yeah!!! I agree with SM's official website that most movies are not as good as the book, but This cast and crew did a really great job. Twilight fans should not be disappointed. Yes, some parts of the book that we love did not make it to the movie, but they can't make a 4 hour film(I wouldn't have minded, I could have watched more and more) Please Twilight fans lets still show our support and leave as many positive comments all over the web! Still pass the word along to sign our blog and we want SM to read our blog and know how much we SUPPORT her!

P.S. The soundtrack is No.1 and I recommend buying it, the music is really good!