Saturday, November 29, 2008

Conflict of Interest... I Guess

I thought I'd write a quick note and let you all know why there are no more buttons offered on this blog—or pass onto you what was passed onto me.

Apparently, Summit Entertainment sent a letter to the team and threatened legal action against them if the buttons we not removed. Now, I don't know if this was just my stuff or Twilight stuff in general. I tried contacting zazzle, but all I got from them was an email saying that they were threatened with legal action due to copyright infringement from Summit and Stephenie Meyer, so they removed my buttons. I have not heard back from Summit Entertainment, and doubt that I will.

I still support Team SM, and I am still planning on distributing where I can. Just thought you ought to know what the deal was.

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lisa said...

hi there my name is lisa i am british but live in the netherlands i would just like to let you know that because of you i have now found my love for books i have always found it hard to sit down and read books but from the moment i saw twilight the movie i was hooked and needed to know more so i got all of the saga which i found myself crying and smiling and at one point i just couldnt do anything but read my husband said he was a twilight widow lol
i have never ever found a book that made me cry and feel everything with them as i did reading the twilight books for me you will always be my fav writer because of you i now like to read :) i have just finished the host which can i just say theres another book that you feel everything with them as you go along i loved every minute with them all and like the twilight books wanted more because with both stories it feels to me like you need to have them in your lives with you and know what they are doing i know you have to end books at some point but i always feel like what no not now i need to know whats going to happen next and what there every move would be so i would say that i will be buying any book of yours because you are fab and can i say i hope theres more twilights and i would love a second part to the host just wanted to know more of there lives and felt everything with them and wanda as i went along brilliant book and well what can i say about the twilight books i would have loved to have know how far bella's powers went that would have been great to follow also it would have been great to have four more books but done with edwards feellings and what he felt me and my sister said one day at the same time that would have been great aswell and edwards and bella baby following her and the family i surpose im just greedy could have just kepted reading about them all cullens and the host wanda and would happen now really cant wait to see what else you write so thank you so so much for showing me that books are really great so big big hugs and thank you for beining you and great at what you do you can really tell you love to write well done and i hope you lots of luck with what ever you do next always your biggest fan lisa