Monday, December 8, 2008

Total SM Supporters: 1297

Believe it or not, the names are still coming in... from all over the world! Thanks to all of the loyal fans and those that are just discovering the books through the movie or other means. Check this story out from one of the many SM supporters:

Megan Hadsell from Illinois writes:

"Hello! My name is Megan Hadsall and I am from a small town in Southern Illinois called Galatia. We have a population of around 2,000 people. I graduated from Galatia High School just last May and I am currently attending Southeastern Illinois College. During my senior year almost every girl in my class had read twilight aside from me. I was curious but hadn’t always been into the whole reading thing. Nicolas Sparks and C.S. Lewis were about the only authors whose books I had read. Almost a week after twilight came out in theaters I took my mom to see it, neither of us too interested although I was still very curious. We both LOVE it. After seeing the movie my mom had to grab a few things from a nearby wal-mart. Turning into the book section we saw Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. We bought two of each on the spot. A few days later we had gone to another wal-mart just before going to my cousins’ baby shower. Walking down the isle I turned my head to the book section. Right out in the open was Breaking Dawn. My mom shrieked, not even kidding, and I reached out to grab two of them. These aren’t just books. They’re much more than just books. My mother and I have started a little two person book club. Every day we call one another and talk about nothing other than your books. We look at blogs and try to stay informed about what’s going on. We were definitely very upset when informed about the fifth book, Midnight Sun. We both think that it would be a most WONDERFUL idea to write the books in Edwards point of view. I have always wanted to know just what he was thinking the whole time and more about his past. I told you early in this letter that I wasn’t the biggest reader. That was until I read your books. I can’t seem to put them down. I carry them everywhere with me. I used to not take breaks at work but I do now just to have thirty minutes to get away. I take them to school, work, home, my mom’s house, and wherever else. When I read your books I feel unexplainable. You have hit every one of my emotions. While reading I have been mad, yelled “NO”, been sad, have cried, been happy, have laughed, been uncertain, struck with “butterflies”, felt loved, have been in love, and much more. You can’t even imagine the looks that people have given me. Can’t you see that we need you? Not only my mother and I, everyone, especially your fans. You have opened up a new world full of endless possibilities. You have turned at least one non-reader into a reader. I would be Very disappointed if you don’t publish any other books. I believe I speak for many others and not just myself. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done. If anything, you have mine and my mothers support all the way. GO STEPHENIE!"

Thanks again to all of you who support Stephenie Meyer.

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melissa_mm said...

I just have to say that i feel the exact same way!!!! My cousin kept on bugging me to read twilight and i wasn't too sure about it. I'm a single mother of a nineteen month baby boy and attending college, so i don't have much spare time. But in the end my cousin won...and within 3 days i read twilight and New Moon.. I read them before bed, after i put the little one to bed, any spare time i could find i had one of those books in my hand. I just LOVED them both!!! i'm just waiting for her to finish Eclipse, so i can start! I told myself that i can't read that one too fast because what was i going to do when i finished that one and Breaking Dawn!? but then my cousin informed me about Stephanie coming out with books about Edwards point of view. WOW!!! How amazing would that be so i decided to check it out and see if it was true. Then i saw midnight Sun and was i ever excited!!!!! Then i read what some stupid, idiotic person did. I still can believe some people some times!!! ugh i was soo mad and sad at the same time i could feel the tears coming on!! OVER A BOOK I KNOW!!! but these books are just incredible, Stephanie is an amazing writer! I get so into the books, it's like i'm watching my own movie in my own mind. I back up Stephanie 110% but i will keep my fingers crossed that she changes her mind about Midnight Sun. So yeah all in all i just wanted to say that i agree with Megan, and the twilight series is absolutely amazing!!! loved the movie although the book was a million times better. Good luck and best wishes Stephanie on all your new projects....

one of your favorite fans
Melissa Mullin