Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Challenge for SM Fans Worldwide

Sunday and Monday were crazy busy with the blog and the email address. Tuesday slowed down a bit and today the names are still coming in, but at a very slow trickle. With Breaking Dawn selling 1.3 million copies the first day, you'd think there would be more names coming in. I would like to propose a challenge to all of you who submitted your name to be added to the list, and to those of you who might be sitting on the fence—let's reach out and see if we can't plug this blog in all of the forums and other blogs we know in an effort to reach more of the SM fans that we know are out there.

A big thanks goes out to the Twilight Lexicon, Twilight Moms and all the others who posted the link on their sites and blogs—and a huge shout out goes to all 805 of the SM fans that have already submitted your names—both inside and outside of the US!

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Twilighter said...

I posted about you guys on my blog! Whoo-hoo! ;D