Sunday, August 24, 2008

Over 100 names on the list!

There are a total of 112 names of people on the list, showing their support for Stephenie Meyer. 112 names. In less than 24 hours. Wow. That's amazing.

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering a Support Team SM shirt. Click here to get yours! More designs and colors to follow!


roglows said...
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twilight_love<3 said...

Wow this is an amazing idea! Breaking Dawn was an awesome book,and I completely support Stephenie Meyer. I added my name to the list, and I hope many others do the same. Thank you Stephenie for sharing your story with us, and thanks to this website for thinking to support Stephenie.

Brooke said...

OK, Twilight has changed my life! i lIVE and BREATHE Edward and Bella, its such an amazing journey, and the series just gets better. Stephanie Meyer should be congratulated on her talent and skills of writing such an epic immortal love story. BREAKING DAWN WAS FANTASTIC N HEART RACINGLY AWESOME!