Saturday, August 23, 2008

We support Stephenie Meyer

Okay, so here's the thing. I was approached by some fellow Twi-hards with some disturbing news—I know, I know, something disturbing in this day and age—it's almost unheard of.

"It has come to our attention that some people are upset by Stephenie Meyer's latest book, Breaking Dawn. People who didn't like the book are trying to return it. Just because something in Breaking Dawn didn't "go the way you thought it should" doesn't entitle you to anything except one thing, and that's your opinion. We do not think it gives you the right to demand a refund of the book, nor do we think it gives you the right to criticize Stephenie Meyer or her writing. Buck up, little campers and welcome to the real world.

We support Stephenie and are looking forward to Midnight Sun and hopefully a continuation of the Twilight series through they eyes of another character or characters. We would to gather as much support for Stephenie as we can through this blog. This won't be easy, but I think if we try, we can turn a few heads and get noticed. Thank you, Stephenie, for giving us Edward, Bella, Jacob and the rest."


HILDA said...


For so many reasons! First you being a man and setting this blog up. Second for acknowledging just how fickle and silly people can be if they don't get they're way.

I am so happy that you are doing this!
I will be a regular here.

Thank you,
Hilda Jaschke

deven said...

i cant beleve peope would go that far just because they arent satisfied! and i dont now how they can be disappointed...i LOVED breakin dawn. and i continue to love stephene meyer just as much, if not more. she is a genius in every way!

Nielson News said...

Thank you, Jeremy, for setting this up. You are amazing!!! I'm definitely going to be a regular here. It is sad that some people are going way over board with their comments about Stephenie and her books. I believe people have the right to their own oppinions, but it all comes down to how they express it. I hope people will lighten up, it's a fiction book for crying out loud. Who knows where the story would've gone! I will be forwarding this to everyone I know. Keep up the great work!!!


Genelle Lovett said...

Of course I want to be on this list. Stephenie Meyer created such a fun fantasy world and I love it. These books were so much fun to read, I am working on getting my husband to read them. :)

staciemag said...

I am disgusted to hear that there are some disgruntled readers who are pushing others to return Breaking Dawn. They bought and read (used) the book!

It's certainly every individual's right to decide whether or not they liked or disliked the book. Personally, I'll admit that after my first read, I was conflicted over BD. After my second and third reads, I came to really like it. It might not be my favorite in the series, but this is true of all my favorite authors--some of their books are fabulous, while others aren't so much. It doesn't mean I completely give up on an author! I would never consider returning a book after reading it! It's unethical. Shame on those people.

Joanne said...

Thanks guys for starting this blog, you are the best!!!

Steph- I love you. Please continue to dream and write. I will be breathless until Midnight Sun.

Sara said...

I absolutly loved breaking dawn, the thought of people wanting to return the books they bought is nothing but immature. Stephenie Meyer created this world, and they are her characters, we love them, but they are hers.

I loved what she had done with the book, everything i wanted and so much more!
<3 Steph Meyer!