Monday, September 15, 2008

I Am a Twilight Fan

Let me preface this with a small note. There are many reasons that people stop reading, or slow way down. One of the biggest reasons, in my opinion, is that we just get way too busy with family, life, school, and work. It always inspires me to read things like what you are about to read because it makes me remember a time when I used to love to read (I still do, it's just that life gets a bit hectic with the above mentioned). I am sure there are many people that Stephenie Meyer has inspired to get back into reading, or writing, for that matter. So, from all of us, Stephanie, we say thank you.

My name is Quy Thai. I'm only 15 years old, but Stephenie's Twilight Saga has really made me really grow up, even if i am more mature than the rest of my friends. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; home of the maple leaf.

I am heartbroken that Stephenie has decided not to continue writing Midnight Sun and I know that I speak on behalf of young ladies everywhere that we are behind Stephenie every step of the way. Stephenie has been through worse but she always knew that her fans would want her to contiue on. Why this time it is different? I'm not sure myself, who really knows? I would like to believe that Stephenie is doing this because she thinks it's the right thing to do, but I can't stop hoping that she will one day, one day soon, decide to unhold the writing of Midnight Sun and put the love we, the fans, feel for the Twilight Saga back into our hearts.

Stephenie Meyer has put the love of reading back into the heart of millions everywhere. The desire to find books as extraordinary, heartfelt, warming, and touching as the Twilight Series is difficult if not impossible .

I am a Twilight Fan and I wouldn't want it to be any other way. My name is Quy Thai and I proudly support Stephenie Meyer.


Ryan said...

I am a Twilight fan too and i support Stephenie... i help out with a site, TwilightShirts and we all wish her the best and we are excited for the movie

Kathy said...
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Kathy said...

I have recently become addicted to the twilight series. Reading all four books in about a week and a half lol. Although I do respect and understand Stephenie's decision to put Midnight Sun on hold indefinitely, I can't help but be saddened by this prospect. I have read the rough draft that she posted on her website and I have to say that I love Edward's story even more than I loved reading Twilight through Bella's eyes. There is just so much to tell..and yet even more still. All one can do at this point is hope that she'll overcome feeling violated and be able to finish. Even then, will her finishing Midnight Sun be enough for her fans. With every book I read, I am being left with a feeling of wanting more. I never want the saga to end. I guess that's what being an addict must feel like..

Megan said...

I absolutly love twilight...
Especially Edward that's why I was so excited for Midnight sun to come out.
Even though it's on hold for a while I hope she can still put it out soon.
Why would anyone want to violate anybody's hard work like that.
Stephanie Meyer is a great author she deserves more than that. I love all her books, but I can't wait intill Midnight sun comes out.
I also can't wait to see the Twilight movie...!!! I read each of her books in like a week... I couldnt put it I wish Stephanie Meyer best of luck with everything... :D