Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We Support Stephenie Meyer—period.

With the news of the leak of Midnight Sun, there seems to have been a plethora of sites and blogs pop-up discussing the topic—some expressing concern over the leak while others want to throw their support behind SM in pressing forward and still having Midnight Sun published. This is great, it really is. But, would these sites even exist if MS had not been leaked? I doubt it. But, it was leaked—and like it or not. If SM decides not to publish MS now, or ever, we still need to support her in her decision. I can see this quickly spiraling out of control like it did with the fans of BD that weren't satisfied with the outcome of the book—and that's one thing I don't want to see happen. It is heart breaking that there is the possibility the we may never get to read a final, published copy of Midnight Sun, it really is—but, life will go on and I am sure that we have not heard the last from SM.

Let it be known that we support SM in all her decisions. This includes the decision not to publish Midnight Sun at this time—of course, we would love to see it published (honestly, who wouldn't?) but, if that doesn't happen, I am sure there will be other books that she will write. Don't forget the rumors of the continuation of the Twilight saga through the eyes of another character(s).

We support SM, in all her endeavors—period.

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