Friday, September 5, 2008

Total SM Supporters: 1121

Tonight the numbers have risen yet again. The total number of names on the list is now at a staggering 1, 121. Let's keep this stone rolling!


geeket said...

I'd like my name posted as in support. I am saddened by the shattering of trust.
Esther Van Wart, Idaho

Daniele said...

I'm a brazilian girl, and I would like to say that I loved twilight, but I have to admit that a few things I didn't really understand, I mean the story and the way that Stephenie writes is great, but, without Edward's thoughts part of the story, in my opinion, was missing. Well, I'm saying all this stuff, 'cause I would be the first person to buy Midnight Sun, if it came out someday, and I really really would love if it happens.
So, I'm here to say that I support Stephenie's decisions, butI don't think that all her fans and her story should pay for the wrong action of one person.
Sorry for some writing mistakes.
Hope I can really Midnight Sun someday...