Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Worth Sharing...

Heidi B. from Utah writes:

"I cried tears today when I read that Stephenie wasn't going to publish Midnight Sun. It was a very unexpected reaction. First I cried for me, then I cried for her because of her sadness at someone's illegal actions. The fact that today is my 2nd daughter's first day of Kindergarten and I'm practically nine months pregnant may have helped trigger my outburst too. I wish there was was some way to let Stephenie know how heartbroken we are for her as an author and for us as fans of the Twilight Saga."

Stephenie, we want you to know that while we may only feel a portion of your pain as far as BD goes, we are behind you with love and support 110%—if not more. Thanks for all you have given us, and for all you will give us in the future.

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luckydeebee12 said...

Let me start off with saying how sorry I am that our beloved Stephanie so insultingly desecrated. I am an enthusiastic person when it comes to being honest in purchasing books, CD’s, and movies!!! I pay a yearly subscription to down load music and would not have it any other way. I write in my spare time because I find it to be very pleasurable. It creates a rare soothing moment for me, creating a way to get away from life and all the frenzied things it brings. I hope that one day I'll be able to talk myself into actually turning it in to a publisher to just see, and I would be equally as disheartened as she has been if it was downloaded illegally onto the internet. Now though I understand I still want to plead with with he to release Midnight Sun, for her books have been a wonderful way to escape into the land of beautiful make believe. I love that we've seen it all through Bella’s eyes, but I long to see it through Edward’s eyes. I have read all of the Pages she posted her website, and now I’m left with needing it all. I want to see how he seem that first time in the meadow with Bella, his thoughts of their first kiss, and so on. I hope that she is able to remember that as much as she wanted to see it published we the fans did to. I want no need to see it nestled in between Twilight and New Moon. I look at my book shelf and it looks imperfect without it there. I was yearning for the day that it would come out, I can’t tell you how many times I read the first chapter on her website, and I have already read the nine she posted three times. I really hope that she is able to settle down and enjoy some family time and let this wound in her Forks heart heal so that the rest of her true loyal devoted fans can have what we all want. I wish her the best of luck and hope that she reconsider her decision. I also look forward to the rest of her future work. By the way I really enjoyed The Host also; it was a fun one to read
missing forks already
Debbie D. Idaho